Proven over seasons of sports, the AMP platform is tested and running at scale
for some of the largest, most select brands in sports and media.

The Advanced Media Platform (AMP) was built on a strong foundation of proprietary and open-source technology.


The AMP platform ingests hundreds of media, audio/video, social and other content types; breaks down the content into its core components and then packages that content for delivery to all platforms, devices and digital experiences. AMP is the ultimate content engine, enabling the creation of market leading products.


While SportsLabs is a startup, AMP is already handling massive usage – managing over 15,000 live video/audio events while ingesting over 950 unique content feeds through more than 200 active market products.


SportsLabs’ believes that an open, progressive platform is the foundation for the future of digital sports and media. More than four seasons of sports have iteratively improved our platform in ways that only time and hard work can deliver. We continue to work hard to improve our platform and consistently provide the best products and service to our clients.

The Advanced Media Platform (AMP) is the digital foundation of everything we do – actively managing, manipulating and delivering all types of content to any digital product or service.

Live & On-Demand Audio & Video

SportsLabs’ platform is now managing the delivery of more live audio & video events to more platforms than any other provider in the college space. AMP and our audio/video team acquire all types of live or on-demand feeds and associate them with the right events and corresponding data (scores, stats) to present fans a full and seamless experience.

Live Scores, Statistics & Scheduling

Live scoring, stats and scheduling are essential for any sports event and fan experience. AMP ingests data from content owners, leagues and other proprietary stats systems. Our seasons of experience are important in managing this type of data, and the guaranteed anomalies that come with it.

Social & User Generated Content

There is more great content being created by fans and the broader sports community than ever before. SportsLabs is one of the leaders in enabling this content to be ingested, managed and then delivered to any number of digital experiences. Our custom-built social CMS enables real-time curating and moderation by our dedicated team or directly from rights-holders themselves.

Real-Time Messaging

The SportsLabs team believes firmly in “reaching out” to pull fans and users back into the experience – especially at key times such as live event starts. The Advanced Media Platform integrates messaging for digital applications, web sites, social experiences and more. Through both smart product design and systems we can automate or enable partners to send custom messages to fans.

Active Monetization of Content

The Advanced Media Platform works directly with all monetization partners and solutions. By plugging in and enhancing third-party services, it enables partners to smartly deliver advertising, sponsorships, e-commerce, merchandise and more to fans – and deliver on business goals.

Proven Multiplatform Delivery

From day one, SportsLabs has built its platform to deliver content, media and information to all of the devices, platforms and media ecosystems that fans love. We deliver content to every meaningful mobile, tablet, desktop, connected TV, and platform in the market.

SportsLabs has created a custom sports CMS and a comprehensive library of advanced APIs. 



After much prompting and frustration from partners on antiquated in-market tools, SportsLabs has developed a custom CMS that is unique to sports and media content programming and management. The SportsLabs Command Center is tied directly to the Advanced Media Platform and creates a single nerve center with dedicated modules for traditional and new, digital content creation.


The Command Center fan-generated content module (Social CMS) allows rights-holders, schools and all partners to target and filter the most sought after sports and media content from Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and more. This module enables direct or auto-approval of any single piece of content, handle, channel or hashtag and distributes that content to any digital product.


Content Management Systems in the market today lack the strong sports centric and media asset capabilities that only come from custom development. SportsLabs developed a next generation CMS that combines the basic management of articles, video and multimedia posts along with more complicated events. The CMS easily handles scheduling, rosters/bios, game stats, meta data and more for sports, media assets and live events.


Through the Command Center, partners can gain real-time access to key reporting. Whether it is daily reports or trending of content, users have the tools they need to build more successful promotions, create desired content or place key marketing of events, articles and more to drive fans and fan engagement.

Surrounding the Advanced Media Platform are dedicated and comprehensive technical, customer and media operations.


Delivering high-demand digital sports experiences requires a 24/7 support approach. With over 18 hours a day of live oversight coverage, SportsLabs ensures that every media event, product and platform piece is performing at its highest level.


Our dedicated team of engineers and product monitors are actively using and watching all products and services. The team is on-call 24/7 to support challenges with quick resolution.


From a press conference to a live sporting event, the SportsLabs platform has to perform. Our dedicated team of engineers and audio/video experts, staff and support the delivery of important events to a fan base of any size and scale.


SportsLabs supports customer operations through tight integration of partner tools and services. This allows for direct management and quick trouble-shooting for users and fans.