The Home of Digital Sports

SportsLabs is building the next generation of digital sports on its proprietary Advanced Media Platform that is ushering in a new wave of fan engagement and content consumption.


At its core, SportsLabs is a technology company built around a made-for-media platform that can deliver scalability and reliability for live games, events, scores, stats, shows and more. Surrounding the technology are extensive engineering, product development and operational teams.


SportsLabs not only has the proven technology to develop and distribute top-rated products, but we go beyond “the build” with a special digital team that works with our partners to achieve real business results.

SportsLabs’ Advanced Media Platform for sports (AMP) delivers more live events and media to more platforms than any other provider.


AMP for Sports has the ability to ingest any data source, normalize it, associate it with other critical
data types and reliably deliver full digital sports and media experiences to any device or platform.

Everything is Cross Platform

AMP delivers more content to more digital platforms – mobile, web, Connected TVs, social and more – to create the broadest distribution and largest audience.

Deep Audio/Video Management

AMP is now ingesting, managing and delivering more live & on-demand audio/video content to more platforms than any other provider in the college space.

Comprehensive Operations

SportsLabs delivers 24/7 active and continuous product, live event, technical and customer support for all its partners.

SportsLabs is the digital partner of choice for premium sports entities, rights-holders and others working across digital sports and media.


Our clients understand the importance of growing their brand and monetizing their media.


Top universities choose SportsLabs to design, build out and operate their portfolio of official digital products and services. Only SportsLabs invests the time and resources to create an exceptional experience for fans – establishing leadership in the digital space.


College Conferences rely on SportsLabs to develop a premier digital presence based on conference brand, affiliate schools and business goals. We uniquely understand a conference’s links with member schools, their sports and interaction with fans at the conference level.


Rights holders who want to own their digital assets seek out SportsLabs. Our ability to build great products and turn them into real businesses has established and continues to propel our market leadership.


Media companies and digital networks partner with SportsLabs because we know how to work with media and content assets. We integrate these assets into digital products enabling monetization of large audiences.


More and more large brands and technology companies are leveraging sports and media to serve fans and showcase the power of their services, products, channels and market offerings. SportsLabs’ AMP platform is central to acquiring, ingesting and delivering content to any service at scale.

Sportslabs is built around great technology, and has assembled the right team to turn products in to meaningful digital businesses.

Strategy & Content Acquisition

This team knows sports and media content. We commonly work through digital strategy plans with partners, closing deals to acquire special content that is ultimately ingested and delivered to any digital product through AMP.

Working Beyond the Competition

The SportsLabs team is competitive, and we want to far exceed what’s been in the market for years. At SportsLabs we are rising to this challenge and bringing new thinking and technologies to our partners and the marketplace.

Track Record of Monetizing Digital

As audience and usage grows across digital, more partners turn to SportsLabs to help monetize their offerings. SportsLabs evaluates usage, creates inventory, works with sales and can deliver ads and sponsorship execution that maximizes results for the business. We make our partner’s goals our goals.

Experienced Team

The SportsLabs team has been handpicked and recruited from the leaders in the digital space. A development team of senior architects and engineers complements the deep digital business experience of the leadership team.


We not only know how to build great digital sports experiences, but we know digital media.
Are you a competitive, hard-core digital zealot?